Coursework at MIT   (graduate-level classes are in bold)


   18.014 Calculus I with Theory (Kiran Kedlaya) A

18.024 Calculus II with Theory (Kiran Kedlaya) A

18.03 Differential Equations (skipped out) A

18.100B   Analysis I (Tobias Colding) A-

18.103 Fourier Analysis - Theory and Applications (David Jerison) B

18.310 Introduction to Applied Mathematics (Daniel Kleitman) A+

18.400 Automata, Computability, and Complexity (Scott Aaronson and Nancy Lynch)   A+

18.405 Advanced Complexity Theory (Jonathan Kelner) A+

18.409 An Algorithmist's Toolkit (Jonathan Kelner) A

18.410 Introduction to Algorithms (Srinivas Devadas and Manolis Kellis) A

18.415 Advanced Algorithms (Michel Goemans) A

18.425 Cryptography and Cryptanalysis (Silvio Micali) A

18.426 Cryptographic Game Theory (Silvio Micali) A

18.435 Quantum Computation (Isaac Chuang and Seth Lloyd) A

18.436 Quantum Information Science (Peter Shor) A

18.440 Probability and Random Variables (Richard Dudley) A

18.701 Algebra I (Michael Artin) A-

18.702 Algebra II (Michael Artin) A

18.704 Seminar in Algebra (Steven Kleiman) A+

18.782   Arithmetic Geometry (Andrew Sutherland) LIS

18.783   Elliptic Curves (Andrew Sutherland) A+

18.821 Project Laboratory in Mathematics (David Vogan and Bjorn Poonen) A

18.901 Introduction to Topology (James Munkres) A

18.S66 The Art of Counting (Richard Stanley) LIS

Computer Science

   6.001 Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (Eric Grimson) A+

6.002 Circuits and Electronics (David Perreault) A

6.003 Signals and Systems (Qing Hu) A+

6.004 Computation Structures (Srinivas Devadas and Stephen Ward) A

6.033 Computer System Engineering (Dina Katabi and Robert Morris) A

6.034 Artificial Intelligence (Patrick Winston) A

6.045 same as 18.400 above

6.046 same as 18.410 above

6.170 Laboratory in Software Engineering (Saman Amarasinghe and Michael Ernst)   A

6.437   Inference and Information (Polina Golland) A

6.440   Essential Coding Theory (Dana Moshkovitz) A

6.443 same as 18.436 above

6.823 Computer System Architecture (Arvind and Joel Emer)   A

6.841 same as 18.405 above

6.845 Quantum Complexity Theory (Scott Aaronson)   A+

6.854 same as 18.415 above

6.857 Network and Computer Security (Shafi Goldwasser and Ron Rivest) A+

6.875 same as 18.425 above

6.876 same as 18.426 above

6.885   Robust Mechanism Design (Silvio Micali) A+

6.889 New Developments in Cryptography (various) A

6.893 Philosophy and Theoretical Computer Science (Scott Aaronson) A

6.896 Probability and Computation (Costis Daskalakis) A+

6.898 same as 18.435 above

6.S897 Algebra and Computation (Madhu Sudan) A

6.S898   The Evolution of a Proof (Shafi Goldwasser and Yael Kalai) A

6.UAP   Undergraduate Advanced Project (Ron Rivest) A

6.UAT Preparation for Undergraduate Advanced Project (Tony Eng) A

Everything Else

   8.012 Physics I with Theory (Deepto Chakrabarty) A

8.022 Physics II with Theory (Gabriella Sciolla) A

8.282 Introduction to Astronomy (Saul Rappaport) A+

8.225 Einstein, Oppenheimer, Feynman - Physics in the 20th Century (David Kaiser)   B


5.111 Principles of Chemical Science (Sylvia Ceyer and Catherine Drennan) A+

7.012 Introductory Biology (Eric Lander and Robert Weinberg) A


21F.101 Chinese I (Zhang Jin) A

21F.104 Chinese IV (Liang Min-Min and Chen Tong) A

21F.105 Chinese V (Liang Min-Min) A

21F.106 Chinese VI (Zhang Jin) A

21F.107 Chinese I Streamlined (Zhang Jin and Liang Min-Min) LIS

21F.108 Chinese II Streamlined (Zhang Jin and Liang Min-Min) A

21F.109 Chinese III Streamlined (Liang Min-Min) A

21F.403 German III (Ellen Crocker) A

21F.611 Russian I (Maria Khotimsky)   A

21F.612 Russian II (Maria Khotimsky)   A

21F.613 Russian III (Maria Khotimsky)   A+

21F.614 Russian IV (Maria Khotimsky)   A

21M.065   Introduction to Musical Composition (Brian Robison) A

24.900 Introduction to Linguistics (Suzanne Flynn) A+